We blend marketing and technology
to get real results.
We are Refine.


We help you getting new prospects, identifying your most valuable customers
and generating verified and pre-qualified leads.

Our technology is driven by our competence

Direct & performance marketing are our key expertise. We know how to secure results and we have developed our own technology supporting our knowledge and strive in the world of direct & performance marketing.

Digital Direct Marketing

To directly contact, in a custom way and at scale, prospect and valuable clients, merging your datas with ours.

  • Programmatic email marketing
  • Omnichannel performance & remarketing
  • SEO Optimization

Vertical lead generation

We only generate quality and verified leads on vertical markets segments.

  • Vertical content portals
  • Adaptive landing pages & Chatbot
  • Automated pre-qualification & call center qualification

Actionable Data Insight

We give life to your own data and maximize it, turning it into a valuable asset to improve any campaign’s effectiveness or we use our very own.

  • Audience strategy & CRM onboarding
  • Targeting improvement e refining
  • Media mix strategy
Refine. Nomen Omen.

You might think of us as a Sales House, a DMP, a Martech Platform or a Marketing consultant.

We are all of that and none of it.

Refine integrates, deduplicates, elaborates and empowers data with information that is needed for your strategy through its own technologies.

That’s why our name is Refine.

What we can do for your brand
Have you ever thought about...

Having only one partner for all of your performance services?

Using content to generate leads and make sales?

Using your offline data for online marketing activities?

Excluding your active clients from prospect-only activities?

One place for all your data.

We collect data from both online and offline sources but we make them unique and turn them into something valuable for you and your brand.

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Partnerships with vertical email databases

Vertical Apps & websites providing valuable behavioral data

Partnership with Vertical communities

Customer Audience Research

  • Direct Marketing
  • Actionable Data insight
  • Vertical Lead generation
The heart of Refine is our tech platform

Conceived and developed as an independent technology through a process of anonymization and coding by means of algorithms and cryptography, includes hashed emails and IDs to create the perfect audience targeting starting from your own data and partnerships with data partners.

  • Privacy

    Advertisers manage directly the upload of data, with a secure tool using encripting solutions.

    In order to do so, Advertisers have a dedicated login to manage all the activities.

  • Upload

    Refine works only with Data Partner compliant with GDPR privacy law.
    The process of using data is authorized by the Advertiser.

We collect and elaborate data on hundreds of data partner. Every day.

Active databases
Active publishers
Unique email adresses
Digital identifiers / month
SMS contacts
Segmentation criteria
Email send-outs / month
What are you waiting to put yours in?

Merging your data with our technology, safely, to improve the efficacy of your marketing activities is easier than you think.

All we need are a few basic information and and we’ll reach out to understand how we can help you!

Are you a publisher?

This is the right place for publishers as well.
You can share data, in a completely anonymised way, and be part of our campaigns, knowing you will strengthen your email database’s performance reducing the stress of mass emails or monetize your data asset.

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